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About YIXIANG famous products



YIXIANG brand since in 1984, At the beginning of the brand positioning of the company is make the best quality, most influential brands in bees in China. Until now, After our more than 30 years of hard work, YIXIANG has become a leader in beekeeping equipment, A household name in China bee products industry, Meanwhile our products export to more than 30 countries and regions.


Let us witness the GROWTH OF YIXIANG together :

Since 1984 ;

YIXIANG products began to 1986 got the attention of the national by national counterparts, YIXIANGproducts in short supply;

YIXIANG products monopoly HEBEI, HEILONGJIANG,LIAONING,JILIN,GUANGDONG,YUNNAN etc. About more than ten provinces in the market since 1988;

In 1990, YIXIANG brand has been named  Chinese king of comb foundation by bee industry peers;

In 33rd International beekeeping conference by APIMONDIA was named outstanding bee products in 1993;

In 34th International beekeeping conference by APIMONDIA was named outstanding bee products in 1997;

In 2001 was awarded flagship product in the international agriculture expo;

Finished the ISO 9001 quality certification in 2003;

YIXIANG began to expand oversea in 2006;


YIXIANG was rated as famous brand in Hebei province in 2010;

YIXIANG established comb foundation processing workshop according to National standard, established the strict comb foundation processing standards in national;

YIXIANG join in The 44th international beekeeping conference by APIMONDIA in Korea in 2015;

YIXIANG products Won the First prize issued by beekeeping society of China in 2016;


In the price and quality is very chaotic market, YIXIANG can give you the guarantee of quality, It is a credit support and the professional advice in bee industry.