Plastic Foundation Open Cell

Plastic Foundation Open Cell
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New type plastic comb foundation
Introduce for the new type plastic comb foundation 
Wax window plastic comb foundation, first of all, it is a plastic comb foundation, but also different from the traditional plastic comb foundation, it combines the traditional plastic comb foundation and wax comb foundation of all virtues, avoid their disadvantages, is the creative products, highly bionic had applied for national patent, patent number: ZL 2015 2 0933473.7.To facilitate the bee friends quickly to know this product, hereby according to everyone interested in a couple of questions to answer.

Question 1: Wax window plastic comb foundation what advantage compared with traditional plastic comb foundation?

1.The intensity of bigger, longer service life

2.Honeycomb is not easy to fall off

3.Conform to the bees natural living habits, fast to accept

4.The design more reasonable

5.Comb foundation is not easy to heat bilges cold shrink.

Question 2:Wax window plastic comb foundation what are the advantages compared with waxy comb foundation?

1.High melting point, no deformation, the nest room standard

2.Simple installation, improve work efficiency, save money and effort

3.Improve the quality of individual workers, increase honey and pollen production

4.To improve the quality of honey

5.Almost no drones

6.Reduce the bee disease transmission

7.Improve wax production and quality

8.Can reduce the dangers of insect nest

9.Is advantageous to the production of mature honey

10.Non-toxic harmless without peculiar smell, in line with food hygiene requirements

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