Plastic Ventilated Comb Foundation Sheet

Plastic Ventilated Comb Foundation Sheet
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Plastic ventilated comb foundation sheet 

New type “Plastic window comb foundation sheets”-ventilated plastic foundation
This plastic foundation sheet is new product our company researched and developed. It is made of plastic, see through, different from traditional plastic foundation sheet, it combines advantages both of traditional plastic and beeswax foundation sheet, successfully ward off their defects, it is innovative products of high bionics design,and has gained China national patent, the number is ZL 2015 2 0933473.7

It has a lot of advantage compare to traditional plastic foundation sheet:

1.Higher strength, longer service life

The raw material of this plastic foundation has higher intensity and melting point, this ensure sufficient strength and service life of it.

2.The hone comb is not easy to fall off from it

The special structural design makes the comb cells connect with each other strongly after dip in wax,it solves problem that foundation and wax can not connect tightly honey comb always fall off easily.

3.It conforms to natural living habits of bees, bees accept it much faster

The natural window wax structure is kind of bionics construction, conforms to biological habits of bees, it has the same properties as the beeswax foundation, bees accept it and build combs fast.

4.Reasonable design

There are six bee ways on both sides, easy for bees and queen pass through it, improve bees working efficiency.

Advantages the window comb foundation sheet has compare to beeswax foundation sheet:

1.Higher melt point, non-deformation, cell size are standard

It does not deform in high temperature season, the comb built has better quality, cells are neat and all in standard and same size.

2.Assemble simply,increase efficiency,save money and time

You just need to put the foundation into the grooves of fame, then nail the frame is ok, save procedures of wiring frame, and save money of wire and eyelets.

3.Improve worker bees quality, increase output of honey and pollen

The foundation can be recycled use regularly, this way, can breed bigger bees than using old wax comb foundation,nectar and pollen collecting quantity and disease resistance highly increased.

4.Improve honey quality

There always pesticide residue stay on wax foundation after several years using, while the plastic foundation can be cleansed every single year, this minimize the possibility of polluting the honey.

The color of wax foundation get darker after several years using, this makes the color of honey get darker, then influence the looking of honey. But the plastic foundation can avoid this due to yearly cleaning.

5.Almost no drones

The material of plastic is very hard, even the colony in the period of swarm peak hardly change worker bees cells to drones cells. There is no space at the bottom and two sides after foundation installed in frame, therefore no space for drones build their cells. However sometimes only very few some very strong colonies can build some drones cells along with the edge.

6.Lessen infection of diseases

The plastic foundation can be disinfected and cleansed with hot water every year, that means every year you use new foundation, diseases infection can be lessen.

7.Increase output and quality of beeswax

The beeswax collected from plastic foundation is very pure, it does not contain paraffin, this improve beeswax purity and increase beekeepers’ income.

8.Reduce harm of varroa mites (beehive pest)

Because of the hardness of plastic material, it can stop the beehive pests bite into paths in the foundation, worker bees can find the pests easier and drive them away.

9.It is good for making mellow honey

The honey combs is easily damaged during procedure of extracting honey, but our plastic foundation is hard, strong and durable enough, the speed can be increased when extract honey, this benefit to mellow honey production and automatic honey extraction.

10.Nontoxic, harmless, without peculiar smell, conform to food hygienic requirements

We adopt raw material that conform to environment protection requirement, the government has the professional quality inspection institution, and the market supervision is very strict, our plastic foundation meet the food hygienic requirements. 

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