Pure Beekeeping Beeswax White Bulk Beeswax Slab 100% Beeswax

Pure Beekeeping Beeswax White Bulk Beeswax Slab 100% Beeswax
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We classify this beeswax as our Grade A, we collect premium crude beeswax from local beekeeper, then we pick the best raw material from the pile, and filter them for 2 times normally, 3 times if necessary for special requirements. There is not any chemical additives added in our beeswax, it is completely 100% pure natural beeswax. As we have our own factory of filtering beeswax, we implement extremely strict quality control for every procedure, including raw material gathering, pick out top quality crude beeswax, filter beeswax, packing and delivery.

Product Name
Pure beekeeping beeswax White bulk beeswax Slab 100% beeswax
100% pure beeswax
1. Saponification value(KOH)(mg/g):75-110
2. Acid value(KOH) (mg/g):16-23
3. Hydrocarbon %≤:18%
4. Melting point:62-67ºC
Grade A 100%
5kg/bulk, 25kg/bag or carton
1).In cosmetic manufacturing, many beauty products contain beeswax, such as Body Wash, Lip Rouge,Blusher and Body Wax etc.

2).In Pharmaceutical industry.Beeswax can be used in the manufacture of dental casting wax,baseplate wax,adhesive wax, pill outer shell etc.

3).In the food industry, It can be used as coating,packing and coat of food ;

4).In agriculture and animal husbandry, it can be used as manufacturing fruit tree grafting wax and pest adhesive etc.

5).In material industry, it can be used to manufacturing Candles, cerecloth,lubricants and coatings etc.

6).Beeswax is also have very high medicinal value.In Chinese medicine,Beeswax have the effect of detoxification,born muscle and analgesic therapy.Oral administration and external application can be attending.
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