White Beeswax pellets

White Beeswax pellets
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                                   Should the white beeswax in pellets caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the cheap products in stock from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are equipped with a professional factory at your service. Please be free to enjoy our low price and good service.

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White Beeswax Pellets
Impurity: < 0.2%
Melting Point: 61C-66C
Acid value (KOH mg/g): 17-24
Iodine value (ILDINE g/100g): 8-13
Saponification value (KOH mg/g): 85-110
Hydrocarbon: 16%-18%
Refraction Index (75C): 1.441-1.443
Packing: 25kg / paper bag
This is a general specification guide for reference. Please contact us for detailed specifications that you need.