Yellow Beeswax Natural Wax Uses Of Beeswax

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Beeswax is produced by all species of honeybees. Wax produced by the Asian species of honeybees is known asGhedda wax. It differs in chemical and physical properties from the wax of Apis mellifera, and is less acidic. The waxes produced by bumblebees are very different from wax produced by honeybees. Pure waxes from different species of stingless bees are also very different from the other types of beeswax. It is much darker in color, and when it is warmed, it stretches without breaking. It is also sticky and much more diffcult to break than beeswax from Apis mellifera.
This beeswax is derived from the top of the hive cover, after refining, it is usually used in fields like food, medicine,cosmetics, soap and ointment.


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